Accelerate Your Career with the Shifting Gears Acceleration Track

Are you ready to start your career in the dynamic world of cybersecurity? The Shifting Gears Acceleration Track is an innovative career track to take you to max speed, equipping you with both technical abilities and essential soft skills. Start by enrolling in the Cybersecurity Masterclass, a technical course that sets the pace for success. Next to that, enroll in soft skill courses that will fine-tune and enhance your abilities. By the end of the program, you’ll be highperformance professional, ready to take on the challenges of the fast-paced cyber security world.

Outpace your potential

Cyber Security Masterclass

Start your journey with the Cybersecurity Masterclass, a technical class where you will gain cutting-edge insights and skills to dominate the cybersecurity landscape. Learn the basics and more of IAM (Identity and Access Management), CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management), PAM (Privileged Access Management) and SOC (Security Operation Center) to become a cybersecurity expert.

Technical Excellence Courses

After the Cybersecurity Masterclass, fuel your knowledge and expertise in a series of technical excellence courses. These courses are uniquely crafted to match the technologies and challenges of the specific team you join. No one-size-fits-all approach here. We're all about, ensuring you receive the exact technical training you need to excel in your role. Get ready to dive deep into the technologies that power your team's success and become an expert in your field.

Soft Skill Courses

During this career track, fine-tune your abilities through our carefully curated soft skills courses. Communication, assertiveness, and teamwork will be your driving forces.

Outpace your potential

Soft Skill Course

In the race towards a successful cybersecurity career, technical expertise is essential, but mastering soft skills is what sets you apart as a high-performance professional. Introducing the Shifting Gears Soft Skill Course, a threeyear journey dedicated to fine-tuning your communication, assertiveness, teamwork, and adaptability skills.

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